Contact Us

Town Hall
Phone: (423) 821-1226
Address: 710 Scenic Hwy, Lookout Mountain, TN, 37350

Town Officials:

Mayor                                              Carol Mutter                 email:
Mayor Pro Tem                                 Walker Jones                email:

Town Clerk & Town Attorney             Brian Smith                   email:

Treasurer                                         Don Stinnett                 email:

Town Consultant                               Dwight Montague          email:

Judge                                              Flossie Weill

Education:                                       Don Stinnett                 email:
School Board Chairman                      James Haley
                                                      Sherry Pollock
                                                      Susan Probasco   
Principal                                         Ruth White
PTA President                                  Jenny Stickly

Fire & Police:                                  Jim Bentley                   email:
Chief & Town Marshall                      Randall Bowden              email:

Parks & Playground                          Brooke Pippenger           email:
Director                                         Rick Dockery                  email:
Assistant Director                            Scott Shell                    

Public Works                                   Walker Jones                 email:
Supervisor                                       Cory Evans                     email:

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